Lighting & Energy Management

One Space, Many Moods

Create perfect ambiences for different rooms in the house. Turn off all lights with a single button, or use a lighting scene for a dinner party. Adjust the lights and shades by day to take advantage of daylight. By night, transform the room to home theater as lights are dimmed and blackout shades close. Save electricity and protect the environment with dimming and occupancy control.

Don’t settle for unsightly switches anymore.Choose from a large collection of keypad face plates and fabrics for shades then blend harmoniously with your décor.

Contact us to find out how we can fulfill your living aspirations and bring your space to life, on time and on budget.

Desmond Loh

With a strong business and marketing background, Desmond has more than 12 years of practi- cal experience in understanding clients’ needs and how to utilize the best tool and approach to deliver real results. At Synnetic, he provides client experience leadership, new business as well as nurturing a team that is capable of delivering outstanding work for the clients.